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Best Backup provides an easy to use but highly sophisticated online backup solution. Unlike traditional approaches employing magnetic tape or DVD technology, Best Backup offers secure off-site data storage for your backed up files, databases and emails. You choose a storage plan that suits your needs and apart from a one off setup charge pay a fixed monthly fee for the service. More capacity can be purchased at any time as your storage needs grow.

Best Backup Features Include

FeaturesBackups run to an automated schedule as frequently as you want. Backups can also be run manually - ideal if you are about to install new hardware or software and want to take a last minute backup.

FeaturesFlexible backup cycle and retention settings reflect the regime you are used to and perhaps aspire to. If you wish to keep different files for different periods, i.e. Accounting month end data, Best Backup can manage that for you too.

FeaturesFlexible backup policies facilitate granular control over the protection characteristics of your data. You control what you backup, how frequently it is backed up and how long it is kept for.

FeaturesBest Backup works on Windows, Apple, Linux and UNIX workstations and servers, providing a unified backup solution for your whole environment.

FeaturesSupport is provided as standard for applications including email and databases. Open file support is also included for Microsoft Windows based machines meaning that files can still be backed up even if they have not been closed down.

FeaturesSoftware upgrades are included in the contract. The Best Backup software agent installed on your systems upgrades automatically to the latest versions as we release them for additional peace of mind.

FeaturesAll backed up data is encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (the same standard used by financial institutions and the United States government for transmission of sensitive information).

FeaturesYour backed up data is transmitted to us over your existing Internet connection. Transmissions are further encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the same secure standard used for credit card transactions and online banking.

FeaturesYour data is stored on not just one, but multiple state of the art, robust storage platforms in separate, high security data centre locations in the South of England.

FeaturesWe own all of our equipment outright. Furthermore, we design, build, monitor and manage all of our own storage and network security infrastructure.

FeaturesRegular status reports relating to your backups are emailed to you, keeping you informed of backup status. If a backup is missed or a problem occurs, we will inform you and work with you to resolve it.

FeaturesTelephone and email support is provided as standard by UK based specialists who are able to provide advice and guidance on how to get the best out of Best Backup.

FeaturesRestoring data is a breeze. Simply select what you wish to restore and from what period. Furthermore, there's no media to handle - The Best Backup service carries out the restore, and emails you a status report afterwards.

FeaturesA Web based console provides an additional view of your backup configuration and reporting. It also fufils a useful role as a convenient "data briefcase" enabling restores to alternative locations.

features3.gifIf you need a large volume of data back in a hurry we can arrange for it to be returned to site on an encrypted portable disk drive as an alternative to using your Internet connection.

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