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How it works

Implementing a robust backup regime is simple with Best Backup. When using the Best Backup service, you are connecting to not just a storage platform, but a highly secure environment that we call the Best Backup Protection Network (BBPN). The diagram below illustrates the key parts of the BBPN.
Best Backup Protection Network
Setup is quite simple. We provide a small piece of software to install on each machine that you wish to protect. That software works in conjunction with your Internet connection to backup your data to our secure Vaults.

BackupBacking Up Data
Once you have chosen what data you wish to protect, an initial seed backup is created. This is normally transmitted to us over your Internet connection. Where there is a lot of data to be protected, we can arrange for the seed backup data to be stored on a Data Flask (a portable storage device) which we can then load directly on to our Vaults.
Subsequent backups then run automatically to a schedule, backing up only data that has changed. These changes are then transmitted securely to our Vaults over your Internet connection and then automatically replicated to a secondary vault location in a geographically separated data centre.
Every time a backup runs we send you an email containing a status report. If a scheduled backup is missed, we'll let you know. That way, you are always informed about the status of your backups.

RestoreData Restores
Routine data restores are extremely easy. You can either use our software agent or a web browser to restore data to the protected machine. Having logged into either the software agent or the web browser, you simply select the file(s) you wish to restore and the versions and press the restore button. The restore operation starts immediately using your broadband connection. You can also opt to restore to a different location if required.
The web browser option provides a handy ‘briefcase’ option for your backups enabling you to restore data locally wherever you are as long as you have your secure login credentials to hand.
If you have a very large restore requirement, these can be facilitated using a Data Flask. A Data Flask is a portable storage device that we can populate with your encrypted data from our Vaults and ship to you via courier.

Network Operations CentreNetwork Operations Centre
In order to ensure smooth operation of the backup (and restore) environment, our engineers monitor all elements of the BBPN to ensure that;
a) it is operating normally;
b) it is secure.

Customer ServicesCustomer Services
Of course, help and support is available during office hours to assist with any backup or restore issues you may have. We are also happy to provide advice regarding storage and archiving best practice.
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