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Why Backup Online?

One of the problems that many businesses face today is how to manage and protect the data they rely upon to trade.
Unfortunately, there are many information protection issues that affect businesses. Fortunately, online backup solutions like Best Backup can help.
A number of information protection issues and ways in which online backup can help are listed below.


The Online Backup Difference

GrowthUnrelenting growth in information - Most businesses face a constant growth in data and many compelling reasons to hold on to it. Traditional methods of backup become more labour intensive and error prone.

  • Fully automates backup tasks
  • Frees up staff time
  • Backup times are reduced1
  • Helps solve backup capacity issues

LegislationLegislation - All businesses have legal obligations to protect data including The Companies Act and the Data Protection Act.

  • Data is encrypted before it leaves the protected machine
  • Data is stored on highly robust systems protected by state of the art physical and logical security
  • All data is stored in UK locations for compliance with data protection laws

InsuranceInsurance - Most insurers require that businesses have suitable procedures in place to back up data regularly and keep off-site copies.

  • Data is automatically transferred off-site using your Internet connection
  • Data is stored at two separate physical locations
  • Can help to reduce premiums

Information ScatterInformation Scatter - Unique information often ends up on vulnerable laptop computers through creation of new documents by field staff and teleworkers. Often it is not backed up due to complacency or pressure of work.

  • All machines can be backed up automatically no matter where they are located
  • An Internet connection is all that is required

Distributed SystemsDistributed Systems - IT staff who have responsibility for remote offices often have to rely upon untrained staff to manage backup activities.

  • There is no media to handle
  • Backups run automatically
  • Confirmation of backup status is delivered by email

Shrinking Backup WindowsShrinking Backup Windows - Performance degradation impacts user efficiency as growing data volumes cause backup tasks to encroach upon business hours.

  • System overheads are much lower
  • Backup times are reduced
  • Facilitates multiple backups per day

Increasing Recovery RisksIncreasing Recovery Risks - Traditional backup techniques are being increasingly challenged by new risks such as potential loss of data from complex systems caused by viruses, data corruption and theft.

  • Open file (Windows) backup support is provided as standard
  • Multiple backup windows per day reduce window of risk
  • Data is removed from site automatically reducing risk of loss from traditional and topical risks

Human ErrorHuman Error - According to the Merrill Lynch/McKinsey report, 2002, some 32% of application downtime is caused by accidental deletion, corruption or loss of data through human error.

  • Automated backups reduce risk of error through human intervention
  • Individual file recovery aids recovery from minor misdemeanours

AssurityAssurity - Verifying integrity of traditional backups is a time consuming and tedious task. For many, the time that a backup is proven to have been successful (or not) is when a restore is required in an emergency.

  • Integrity checks are carried out during the backup to ensure that data has been received correctly
  • Data is stored in highly resilient disk arrays on two geographically separated vault systems. Tape backup systems cannot possibly provide this level of redundancy
  • Emailed status reports provide further peace of mind

1. Large files such as databases and email files may be fully backed up periodically by us, but these activities can be typically scheduled for quiet periods such as weekends.

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